Brooks Peoples. CEO, Vocalist, Artist, Musician


 Brooke Peoples is a singer and class instructor. A formal background vocalist with Zacfabulous production records titled "Love Story of the "80's". A valued member of the Ceder Grove Christian Church Choir in Rowlett, Texas and free-lance singer and entertainer. Brooke educate students for the Garland Independent School District in Therapeutic Arts and Teach vocal lessons for the School of Rock located in Rockwall, Texas. Her rich, warm tone and facile soprano sound has the true quality of heaven . Brooke has song an assortment of contemporary music, gospel, soul & pop pieces, and musical theatre repertoire across the United States and overseas. A pure and creative teacher, Brooke aims to empower singers to find their inner strength and sing from the heart. 

Dolly Brooks. Secretary, President


Started in 2006 and continue to served the academy and the secretary.

Will Brooks. Executive Chairman Bass Guitar, DJ, Music writer


Musician bass player, played with the top musicians and bands around, just to name a few, Old time Al Green, B.B. King and more.

T. Peoples Design Coordinator, Tutor


Enjoys kid and tutor ESL

Crystal Buller - Instructor & Budget Manager


Instructor over the Art program and budget manager

Mayah Art / Volunteer Instructor

Allen, Lead Guitarist


An overall musician, band performances

ZacFab, lead guitarist., Advance


Artist Musician and album  'Love Story of the 80's"  20 Grand - band 1980, sold many records and served in the armforces.